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Lobster Noodle Soup at Bangkok.

'Delicious Lobster Noodle Soup in Bangkok'
“This week I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Lobster Noodle Soup in Bangkok, famous and it is the....”

Lobster Noodle Soup
by Reed's Restaurant

Enjoy lobster noodle soup. I think that Noodle soup with shrimp (Petchaburi Soi 5).


          This gave a taste noodle soup with shrimp, which may be the most now is that I think there is a noodle soup with shrimp (Petchaburi Soi 5), a restaurant as a TV. Newspapers and other media by Donna Mills Monger study on the quality of the food and the customers attracted well. Especially the menu noodle soup with lobster the way the raw material is expensive to put in a full-flavored noodle soup, spicy. It is not so easy to eat this type of menu, just look at the size of the lobster.

          Thin soup with crayfish Tom yum soup tastes sweet, sour, salty, spicy, intense and full flavor of the noodle soup is very tasty. And two large shrimp. Is compatible with most noodle soup. Then came the main menu today ‘noodle soup with lobster’. There are three price measures by this order, the smallest size at 499 Baht, but it is still a lot of people can eat 2-3 bowls with just looking at the size of the eggs in the bowl, you would know that.


          It's really big bowl ‘Tom Yum’ soup, but gave a concentration of flavor, but it is not a small bowl. This bowl will taste fresher than and lobster meat will not bounce much. But it was delicious, there was also a large piece of salmon served with deep-fried crab meat and minced pork in crab shell stuffed squid. New Zealand mussels and eggs recommend if you need to eat. It was not easy to eat this lobster, but it was very tasty, with very spicy taste.

Getting to noodle soup with shrimp oh, brother. If you are driving at the Petchaburi main road, turn into Soi Phetchaburi 5, go straight for about 200 meters, turn right into the link between Soi Phetchaburi 5 and 7, but the road is very narrow. If you are traveling by BTS Skytrain's Phayathai Station, Phayathai will be behind the Plaza. To go to Phetchaburi Soi 7, turn left about 100 meters forward across the intersection, then turn right and walk straight until you will find the restaurant.

Opening Hours :     
                                 Every day (10.00am - 9.00pm).
(sometimes turn off on Monday).
**Call first this number :  02 160 7100.

Address :       
68/51 Soi Phetchaburi Road,
Phayathai, Bangkok 5,
10400 Bangkok,

Phone :    02 612 9013



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