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Chamek Kopitiam: Coffee House (Johor)

'Restoran Kopitiam Sedap Di Sekitar Johor Bahru'
“This week, I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
in Johor, famous and it is the....”

Coffee House.
by Chamek Kopitiam.


          This was demonstrated on 15 January 2013, the company was awarded a franchise by the ministry in turn has boosted to develop a brand Chamek Kopitiam across the Johor Bahru. Kopitiam Chamek developed by two brothers, namely Shahren Sadli and Saiful Bahri Sadli. Both had graduated from University with a Bachelor of Science Malaysia. Sahren with Mineral Engineering Materials and Saiful Bahri holds a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. 

Chamek Kopitiam seeking quality of the food satisfy customer convenience and deliver fun atmosphere. Front communities have uplifting to expand the brand throughout Chamek Kopitiam Johor Bahru. Until now there have already 22 branches that operate around Johor state. Chamek nickname was derived from the name of a village in Kluang, namely Kampung Chamek.

Chamek Kopitiam selected concept is consistent with the tastes of today's society is really like a classic coffee houses. With this directly giving preference to Muslim Malaysia to have their meal without any doubt. So far Chamek is the only coffee houses owned by Bumiputera operating lawfully and the customer is not only the Muslim community but the other races as well. Otherwise, its employees are among the Muslims also.

I have been here for quite a couple of time and my favorite dish is their ‘Asam Pedas’ fish cook. The dish is serve in the clay pot and the aroma of spicy and herb make my appetite glow. I will go to this restaurant if I want to taste the delicious ‘Asam Pedas’. The ‘sambal’ also is very rich in flavor. Usually the sambal will serve together with ‘Lempeng’ (like a pan cake) and I will have this kind of dish for my breakfast. Not forget about the drink, the tea is very rich in flavor and I prefer to have it with creamer.



Special Menu:

Bandung Noodle with Shrimp

Pancake with Dried Sour Fish and Condiment



>>>Old Town White Coffee and Kopi 434<<<


Pancake with Chicken Curry and Condiment

Fish Cooked Gulai Asam Pedas

Chicken Cooked Gulai Asam Pedas

Shrimp Cooked "Lemak Cili Padi"


>>>Pes Masak Lemak dan Asam Pedas<<<



Note :  
            There are a lot of Chamek Kopitiam around Johor Bahru and you can search in Google Maps.

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