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Senibong Village: Seafood (Johor)

'Restoran Seafood Sedap Di Johor Bahru'
“This week I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
in Johor, famous and it is the....”

at Senibong Village


          Senibong is located at Permas Jaya in Johor and become the seafood haven among the customers. I got to try out to have a dinner in this place since it has a reputation for serving the only fresh seafood in town. The restaurant we went to has been publish in Jalan Jalan Cari Makan by TV3, a local food TV documentary. Heavenly speaking it turn out to be a truly awesome dinner.

Senibong Village is situated right by the sea (Tebrau Straits), facing Singapore. There we can find a long row of restaurants serving a wide range of various seafood dish. Senibong itself is a fisherman village and provide a lot of seafood restaurants. All the fisherman will display their catch of the day ranging from the fish that we usually see in the market to exotic stingray.

          All of the restaurants here serve halal food. This is kind of attraction since many of big seafood restaurant around the city is serve Chinese Cuisine. Usually I will order Chinese Style Seafood because it taste better when dealing with fresh fish and I definitely will go for Steam Cooked Fish with Lemon style seafood.

 The View


      There is very nice view at Senibong Seafood Centre with private jetties for the background owned by the restaurants. I can imagine when the fishermen unload their catch to be sold to the customers and the restaurants. It manages to have a good relationship between restaurants commercialism and the villagers like ambiance. This place is very good place for taking our family on the weekend for an exciting dinner.

‘6 Corner’ is want of the restaurant that I thought to be a nice place for tonight dinner. Dusk was just over and you can see the beautiful view of Singapore Street Light and factory building far from the dining area. For more enjoyable and interesting is the sea breeze that raised up your appetite like nothing else.

Chili Fried Mussels

          I’m cannot wait for the first dish to came and guest what, the mussels cooked in a sweet and spicy sauce arrived. This dish is very tasty and the aroma of cooking really opened my tastes. It make me not realize that my rice in the plate almost finish.

 Steam Cook

          I think nothing can overcome the first dish but came a second dish that is more delicious, the fish dishes. It is boiled and cooked with delicious soup flavored. This dish is so delicious and fun to eat because there is not much bone in the sea bass. Suitable to be fed to our brothers who are still small. I was with my friends decided to sit in an area with the least customers, and this makes me not disinclined to eat with my own style.


We think that the fish is not enough so we ordered another dish of fish and this time we ordered ‘Sweet Sour” fish dishes. It really is a good proposal because it was quite delicious cuisine. Naturally the dishes using the sauce and pineapple will make all kinds of cook taste delicious. There is a vegetable dish also in our menu. I'm not interested in vegetables at this point, especially when there are other dishes that much more delicious on the table, so I just took a little while just feel the taste of this cuisine.

Sweet Sower Dishes

 Fried Kaylan 

There is a vegetable dish also in our menu. I'm not interested in vegetables at this point, especially when there are other dishes that much more delicious on the table, so I just took a little while just feel the taste of this cuisine.


This is just a plain egg omelette but the chef somehow manages to turn this simple dish into something delicious and extraordinary. The seasoning make it taste better and goes very well with the egg. The omelette really neutralizes the taste of the seafood dishes.

 Fried Prown

 There is a dish of fried shrimp, very tasty and delicious. It was not the same as the chili fried shrimp I've always taste before. It was so delicious and crunchy. While eating it, make me cannot think about anything other than enjoy this dish. I also like going to a delicious fried squid with flour and a dash of delicious Thai sauce. Some of these dishes are served in a bowl shaped like a boat and make it look more attractive. All of the dishes here are unmatched and each dish has a unique and very rich flavor.

Fried Cuttlefish

 Black Papper Crab

          FTop of Forminally came to the last meal for dinner session at this time and we felt very full stomach with a delicious meal. The last meal I mean it is ripe pepper crab dishes. Fortunately it was only a crab and not burden the very bowels of this. This is the delicate flavors of sauces and spices used are quite perfect even more so we only eat crab without rice.


          It feels like I've fallen in love with the seafood here but I can honestly say that this is one of the best dinners I used to enjoy over the years. It was an unforgettable day. I ate so much tonight and I think all my friends were surprised to see me eat a lot.



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