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Satay Wak Radol - Origin

'Delicious Satay & Asian Cuisine in Johor'
“This week, I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Satay & Asian Cuisine in Johor, famous and it is the....”

You can see Johor and Malaysia flags at the front.

Satay Kempas Wak Radol
by Satay Wak Radol.

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          On the day of the last week (02/12/2017) I had the opportunity to stop by and have my lunch here. The clock is at 11 am and since I have not had breakfast yet, so I plan to eat satay for lunch today. I never been here because before this, I eat "Satay Wak Radol" in other outlet as branches nearby with Bukit Kempas call "Restoran Warisan Wak Radol" (not far from here, within 2 kilometers).

Photo taken from car park beside the Restaurant.

          Once I arrived there, I looked for the car park area. There are two parking areas. A roadside relatively small and can accommodate 10 cars. Another one went you can enter into the restaurant area and the area where the car can be found fairly wide. Today I just rode a motorcycle and was not a problem to find parking for my motorcycle.


Looks Delicious...!!!

          I continue to empty tables nearby the counter and at the moment it's still not a lot of people again. At this position, easily for me to looked around and figure it out for my next pictures. I make my order for 10 meat satay sticks with rice and black coffee. Less than 10 minutes the satay dishes I ordered were already on the table. 


          There are 2 types of Bean Chili Sauce available and one of them is slight spicy flavor and definitely not suitable for children. I have eat Satay Wak Radol as I mention before, but this time it's a little different. Usually I would discard the fat and put it at the side of my plate, but this fat at his time taste very delicious. It's perfectly fermented and roasted and so that it melt in the mouth, doesn't need to be chewed. It's worth eating  satay here because it was very delicious.

Satay Kempas Wak Radol, I love it.

          The best things are they not only sell Satay (Main Dish) but you can have also other Asian Cuisine dine such as Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng), Fried Noodle (Mee Goreng) and more. If you like Western Food, they also have a menu for that and maybe next time I will try some western food for my dinner.

Western Food

Other related menu.

Otak-Otak Kempas (like fish shread and curry mix).

          How to go here..?? Did you ever past from Perling to Pasir Gudang highway..? If you do, after Big Bundle at your right side of the highway, take left at the small junction (just be extra careful because there is no deceleration lane provided. Than turn left again at the next junction and you will find this restaurant at the right side. You also can enter from  from Bukit Kempas Traffic Light junction towards Denai Area and then turn right to Denai 12. Another way from Bukit Kempas to Tampoi (Jalan Persiaran Tanjung) and then turn left to Jalan Denai Utama, there you can find a road straight to this place.


You can see 5 Wak Radol Outlet in the maps.

           Satay Wak Radol,
           Jalan Denai Utama,
           Tampoi, JOHOR.



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