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Kamilah's Cafe

'Delicious Malay & Western Cuisine in Selangor'
“This week, I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Lifestyle Cafe in Subang Jaya, famous and it is the....”

Western and Asian Cuisine

by Kamilah's Cafe (Books and Lifestyle Cafe)

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          The Raya will not be festive if it is not accompanied by visiting practice-visiting the relatives. Our first week of Raya with my family will be able to go to relatives around Johor. At the weekend (second week of Raya), I was with my mother, brother and sister to visit my aunt's house in Sungai Buluh, Selangor. We leave early in the morning and arrived at noon.

         After a moment of rest at my aunt house, we plan to go to my other aunt house in Gombak. Then my aunt (Sungai Buluh one) got an invitation to go to his friend's restaurant at Putra Height, Subang Jaya. Not far from the Subang Jaya ELITE highway Exit 605, within 1 km away from the exit. You can find the business of the city continue in the second week of Raya and a lot of shops is start their business, so my aunt have to go to her friends restaurant for Raya as she already started trading as usual.

          It seems that this Café is located in the queue of the terrace shop and is relatively easy to park our car because there are plenty of parking available there. The environment is also clean and does not facing the highway, hence the situation is quite calm. It seems perfect for relaxing and relaxation before commuting to Johor Bahru. As we enter the cafe, we can see the decoration of interior design is very beautiful and soothing eyes look. There is a room for reading if any of the customers children who do not want to eat can relax and chill reading the books and magazines available there

Reading Section


Nice Decoration

          The dishes are very appetizing and we choose to choose western dishes because they are satisfied with eating high tea and Asian cuisine. My sister and I chose to feel "Lamb Grill Special" and my mom with my sister chose to eat "Chicken Cop" and "Fish & Chip". It is amazingly delicious that the source for the dishes are homemade sauces. The Chef there are actually a daughter of my aunt friends.  I strongly recommend to my friends and readers around Subang Jaya or work closely with Putra Height to go here and try this delicious Western cuisine.

Delicious Site Dish

Western and Asian Cuisine Available

Lamb Chop

Grilled Chicken Chop



          Those who just want drink or eat a light meal fun do are also very suitable here. It seems that Roti Canai's dishes with Sambal Tumis are extremely delicious. Relaxing in the evening with friends over coffee with Tuna Sandwich's bread is also a fun activity to do at this Café.

Address  :   15G, Jalan Putra Mahkota 7/7B,
                   Putra Heights,
                   Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Phone  :     012-328 7807

Operation Hours :     Everyday 10:30am - 7pm
                                     (Closed on Sunday)

Signature Dish -   Salmon with Lemon Butter Source

Location  :


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