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7 Spice Restaurant: Indian Cuisine (Johor)

'Delicious Indian Cuisine in Johor'
“This week I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
in Johor, famous and it is the....”

Indian Cuisine
by 7 Spice.

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     The popular item to us in the recipe was the Pakora Kale which tasted wonderfully seasoned and crispy. I also like the squash mash potato (of sorts) as it tasted creamy and fresh. There is so much dish to choose from the menu at this restaurant


It was very exciting walking from table to table buffet station seeing what the best to choose from. The chicken curries tasted so freshly homemade but I wasn't a fan of the chicken breast. The vegetarian dish is find for me. There were a few fried rice dishes to try out as well (and many vegetarian options too).

The chicken dish (with traditional sauce and velvety taste) absolutely took centre stage, though. The variety of delicious flavours and the aromas that floated around us as we ate were incredible. The restaurant got very pack by noon with big groups of co-workers coming in so 7 Spice to be popular option for their weekday lunch. Service was attentive as our plates complete with banana leaf.

The situation was like dining and aroma therapy at the same time. Experience dining with the fragrant aromas of thousand spice. This smell of spices filled the air in 7 Spice and make your appetite growth even bigger. There are so many customer in the weekend because this restaurant locate nearby public recreation park (Danga Bay) and nearby the Palace entrance gate. So, many of the customer come from far away even from Kuala Lumpur  to have dinner here after walk around in the park with their family. You batter try it and then you can tell.

Address :       G 01, Block 5, Danga Bay,
                       Jalan Skudai,
                       80200 Johor Bahru,
                       Johor, Malaysia.


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