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Kari Kambing 40 Hari: Lamb Curry (Johor).

'Kari Kambing Paling Sedap Di Johor'
“This week, I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Lamb Curry in Johor, famous and it is the....”

Lamb Curry.
by Kari Kambing 40 Hari.


          For fans of lamb, this is a 'must go' restaurant when you are nearby the Yong Peng to Johor Highway. For those who are on the way from Kuala Lumpur to Johor, they will be able to see this restaurant signage on the right side of the highway just after the exit of South Yong Peng interchange. You can easily find it using Google Maps in your smartphone.

         The restaurant is named Kari Kambing 40 Hari (40 Days Lamp Curry) because of the restaurant will open for 40 days before closed for three days. The most popular menu here would have enjoyed the lamb curry with 'roti canai' (Canai Bread Spread) for breakfast as well as Arabic rice prepared by the chef. The restaurant opens at 7 am and closes when all food was sold out (at around 3pm).

          Before this, it is easier to find a place to sit, but now it is quite difficult here and sometimes you have to wait for a while until got a table to sit because of the increasing of customers who flocked to visit him every day. As a result, the owner has raised this restaurant dining room (look at the first picture, the parking area that has a big bike the is now convert into dining room).


          The typical menu for the customer in the morning is 'roti canai' (bread spread) with Lamp Curry. If you have never been to this restaurant, please try it and definitely want to come again because of the taste of lamb meat that has been cooked so tender and juicy. The price is reasonable and all the customers are willing to pay for it.

Lamp Curry Close Up - Isn't Awesome.

Apart from 'roti canai', other customers favorite dishes are the mutton soup, mutton bone soup and Arabian rice with mutton bone 'gearbox' (lamp and chickens). The variety cakes are also sold here.


Arab Rice with Lamb

Arab Rice with Chicken

          Last weekend I have an appointment at Shah Alam, Selangor and on the way back I and my friend decided to take our breakfast at this Restaurant. It's been a while since my last visit about a year a go. The environment is different now with the bigger dining area. The service is different and also the kitchen is much sophisticated than before. We have to queue for our meal because of the "self service" system are now implement on this restaurant. What is remain the same is the delicious dish from the cook. We order our favorite top dish - Nasi Beryani Kambing (Beryani Rice with Lamb).

          As usual I will snap a photos for my favorite eating places and these are the update for $0 Day Lamb Curry Restaurant for the audient out there.

The area now is extended to the left

Place to eat on the floor for bigger family member


Bigger Dining Area

 Try this very delicious Lamb Curry

Delicious Beryani Rice with Lamb Curry

Address :       Air Hitam - Yong Peng Main Road.

Contact :    +607 7583129  



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MUMRAH said...

What a disappointment? Came all the way from Singapore and the Lamb Curry was terrible sweettt!!

Ainudin Bin Mohamad said...

You are right..! It's not suitable for diabetic person but for someone like me...
I like it sweet and only for my holiday meal, not good for daily eating.