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Restoran ZZ Sup Tulang: Bone Soup (Johor)

'Sup Tulang Sedap Di Johor Bahru'
“This week I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
in Johor, famous and it is 
the delicious....”

Bone Soup.
by ZZ Restaurant.

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The soup was executed with a stubby large calibrate straw normally used to suck up those morrow inside the bone. The straw was inserted into the hollow of the bone to suck the morrow out. ZZ Restaurant special menu is bone soup, Chicken Mee Rebus, the magnificent meat cook and also the bone. This soup is very famous among the customers around Johor Bahru. It’s a well-known when someone to have a bone soup, definitely ZZ restaurant is the perfect place for this dish.

The flavor of the soup for sure will make you come back here to taste it again. In addition, there are also have western food and chili oyster to consider for your meal there. Mee Rebus with bone "gearbox" and bone soup is served with large lamb shank bones. I definitely use my hand to grab the bone and enjoy biting on every tendon available and its fun.

Some of the broth and spices get trapped inside the hollow of the bone, infusing the marrow with the rich spices aroma used in the broth. As a result, the tastes naturally sweet as morrow has to be and its jelly like texture was very soft with a bit of grittiness from grains of grounded spices. The lamb shank bones were cooked in broth and spices by using only slow charcoal fire to preserve the marrow and to keep the flesh tender.

       There are several branches ZZ Restaurant in Johor Bahru but the most favored by the customer is in the Kampung Bahru. It is the first ZZ Restaurant opened and the situation around the restaurant is also very cozy. It is surrounded by large trees and the surrounding air is also quite comfortable and dim. In the past it is quite difficult for car to park here as the road to the restaurant relatively small but the owner have manage to prepare a simple car parking places and make it easier for customers to pay a visit to this restaurant.

Address :       
            Jalan Petri 5/1, 
             Kampung Bahru, 
             80100 Johor Bahru.
            (near Regency Condo and
             JKR buildings).

Business Hours :     
            Monday to Sunday 

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