Sunday, 7 February 2016

Pondok Santapan: Malay Cuisine (Johor)

'Restoran Masakan Melayu Yang Sedap di Johor'
“This week, I’ll bring you to dining place of the most unique and special
Malay Cuisine in Johor, famous and it is the....”

Malay Cuisine.
by Pondok Santapan.

Johor is famous for its great food and the "Best Restaurant". All the meals and snacks bring out the symbol of the state of Johor is like Laksa Johor, Bandung Noodle, boiled noodles, satay, boiled eggs, Jala Bread, beans pol, Otak-otak, biryani rice, a variety of well-seasoned, grilled tofu, Vegetable Rojak paste and more. One of the best breakfast spot in town. Serves various kind of breakfast. Very good place to have breakfast with reasonable price. This self-service restaurant is open every day. 

      The customers have a variety choices for breakfast menu and the most common of which is Roti Canai and Nasi Lemak. For this restaurant, brakefast dish is the main of the day hence, have breakfast here is like a King to energize his body for a starting activities of the day. It is a junction out of the main route in Larkin and for non-locals have to ask around.

“Roti arab, roti jala, lempeng, laksa johor and more”,
"Lontong, Laksa Johor and local Malay food are very delicious”,
"Puri, lontong kering superb",

“Mee Rebus and variety of snack”.


"Nasi Lemak"

"Spicy Source Puyuh Egg with Fried Cow Lungs"

"Pancake With Spicy Source Puyuh Eggs"

"Arab Bred and Jala Pancake With Curry"


Pondok Santapan, Johor Bahru

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