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Roost Cafe and Bistro (Johor)

'Restoran Western Yang Sedap di Johor'
“This week, I’ll bring you to dining place of the most unique and special
Western Food in Johor, famous and it is the....”

Western Food.
by Roost Café and Bistro.


           The restaurant affordable menu is reminiscent of European plates, and 'Roost Café and Bistro' gives the guests the option of selecting a delicious entrée or sampling multiple type of courses. 'Roost Café and Bistro' brings an eclectic flair to regional cuisine in a very cozy atmosphere, using local ingredient products as much as possible. It is the most exciting and very enjoyable place to hang out with your friend and even with your lover.


House made granolas (MYR7.00).
- Honey Lavender or Gluten Free Mixed Berry. Served as a perfect dish
  or in a bowl with your choice of milk or soy milk.
E.T.O's* (MYR7 - MYR9).
- That's eggs to order direct to the kitchen chef. You just pick the quantity, you pick
   how they have to cook it. It is simple as that, it's all about you. Served with a heaping'
   of home fries or potato cake and toast.
Egg Sandwich* (MYR7).
- 2 eggs complete with choice of ham, bacon or chorizo on and English muffin.
Ay Chihuahua* (MYR12).
- Caramelized onion, chorizo, & cheddar. Topped w/ homemade salsa.
Woodsman* (MYR12).
- Wild mushrooms sausage & Swiss c/w caramelized fresh herbs and onion.
Green House* (MYR11).
- Roasted vegetables, ricotta cheese & roasted tomato chutney.


Crabby Granny* (MYR14).
- Maine crabmeat, brie, red onion and hollandaise.

Swine & Swiss* (MYR12).
- Mojo marinated pulled pork, ham, dill pickles and a dab of Dijon.

Upstream* (MYR14).
- Our house smoked salmon, capers & cream cheese.

Traditional* (MYR11).
- Toasted English muffins, two perfectly poached eggs and Canadian bacon.

Smoked Salmon* (MYR15).
- Served complete with two eggs, hollandaise, artisan breads and mocked paprika.

Coastal Bene* (MYR18).
- 2 crispy crab cakes, field greens, eggs, roasted tomato chutney and tarragon hollandaise.

Chorizo Bene* (MYR14).
- House made chorizo with corn muffin, poached eggs & served c/w chipotle hollandaise.

Maine Blueberry Pancakes* (MYR10).
- Buttermilk Buckwheat Pancakes, Lemon Ricotta Pancakes and Coconut Date Pancakes*.

Steak and Eggs* (MYR16).
- Grilled 7oz sirloin, potato cake, two eggs cook any style and toast.

Morning Glow Grill (MYR12).
- Grilled corn muffin, black forest ham with two eggs and potato cake.

The Blue Rooster (MYR12).
- Grilled blueberry muffin, Swiss cheese omelette, bacon and potato cake.

Crème Brule French Toast* (MYR12).
- Thick slices of Crème Brule soaked rustic bread and topped w/ a caramelized sugar crust.

Brioche French Toast (MYR12 + MYR3).
- Choice of pancake syrup or whipped cream + Substitute pure maple syrup.



Gnocchi Bolognese (MYR23).
- Pan seared ricotta & parmesan gnocchi, braised meat sauce.

Duck Breast (MYR32).
- Pan seared with an orange espresso, rosemary smashed fingerling potatoes,
  ginger sauce and vegetable.

Gnocchi Bolognese (MYR23).
- Pan seared ricotta & parmesan gnocchi, braised meat sauce.
- Vegetable, Braveheart grass-fed beef and fingerling potatoes.

NY Sirloin* (MYR35).

Honey-Jerk Glazed Salmon* (MYR25).
- Wild rice pilaf, apple-mango salad, honey-mojo sauce.

Espresso BBQ Ribs* (MYR18 - MYR28).
- Slow braised, French Fries & lime cilantro slaw.

Butter Poached Lazy Lobster* (varies).
- Bearer Blanc, crispy shallot potato cake & vegetable.

Shrimp & Andouille Stouffer* (MYR25).  
Peppers, onions, celery, Creole and garlic seasoning over creamy lemon polenta and .

Special Dish

Mediterranean Baked Cod (MYR30).
- Mushroom risotto, homemade salsa. 
Vegetable Pad Thai* (MYR19 + MYR6/MYR8).
- Secret recipe spicy twist on a classic Thai dish. Rich coconut/peanut sauce
  Rice and noodles + Salmon, Shrimp + Chicken.
Chicken Breast Saltimbocca* (MYR27).

With prosciutto and mozzarella, topped with a sage cream
  sauce, served with lemon/herbed polenta and vegetable.
Cuban Pork* (MYR22).
- Marinated in mojo, slow roasted, rice & black beans.
Fish & Chips* (MYR20).
- Waffle sweet potato fries, lime cilantro coleslaw.

*gluten free $2 upcharge

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