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'Restoran Nasi Arab Sedap di Johor Bahru'
“This week I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Arabian Rice in Johor, famous and it is the....”

Arabian Cuisine
by Zafran Restaurant.

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      I have business in the city to make my motor insurance and road tax on last Wednesday. My bike is still under installment, so I had to go to the headquarters to take a grant to create road tax. I look at the clock in the hands that is almost 5.

It seems that I had to do road tax on this day for the first time. Should be to go out in the morning, but fill so exhausted because I’m blogging overnight. But I'm half way through this, I created this budget really had to do today. 

     When I pass nearby Horizon Hill (about 4 miles to the city), I decided to stop at Aeon Bukit Indah to pay my bike installment. It seem that I don’t have enough time to go for the road tax. Never mind, next day will be find.

Then, my stomach is starting to feel hungry. Perhaps Nasi Beryani is still open at the restaurant near Plaza Angsana (Pondok Beryani). When arrived there, I felt disappointed because Pondok Heryani has closed. So I keep thingking about the nearest Restaurant that sell Nasi Beryani while keep riding slowly. Suddenly I saw a shop selling Nasi Arab. Looks like the restaurant recently opened. Than I decided to make a u-turn back to taste Nasi Arab at that restaurant. Before this, I will eat Nasi Arab at Taman University area that provide pure Arabic as the Nasi Arab there is cook up by people from the Middle East (if I’m not mistaken, the chefs come from Iran).

The restaurant look empty. Maybe because at the time I went there is already dusk or was it about it’s the restaurant is nearly close. At the time there was only one couple with a child dining. This restaurant have quit a good interior design and I felt comfortable enough to dine here. I went to the cashier to ask if I still can make an order for my dinner. I found a man from Middle East are keeping the counter. He said that he’s from Iran. Luckily still can eat here and I continue to browse through the menu available at the counter.

I ordered the Lamb Nasi Arab with ‘teh tarik’. Apparently, they are not serve ‘teh tarik’ here, so I decided to have just ordinary tea. Because of no other customer beside me and the couple, the food that I was ordered came up quite fast. It looks the Nasi Arab with Lamb was interesting and it was delicious too. Lamb meat cooked soft enough. Even the fat was very tasty and not hard to chew. It melted in the mouth (no need to chew). Before this I don’t like to eat fat, I will push it to the edge of my plate. But not this time, delicious juicy taste of fat.

For the fans of Nasi Arab, you can visit this restaurant, which is located in the same row with ‘Pondok Beryani’. The price was quit fair, Nasi Arab with lamb and tea with just MYR20. I’m sure to have my second visit to taste different kind of dish.

Address :       

            No.22, Jalan Padi Emas 2, 
            Bandar Baru Uda,
Johor Bahru,

Opening Hours :    Daily 10am - 10pm.

Phone :    011-37740912.


 Zafran Restaurant, Johor Bahru

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