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Yakitori (Nagasaki)

'Great Yakitori in Nagasaki'
“This week, I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Yakitori in Nagasaki, famous and it is the....”

by Ponta.


          I got a long trip to the East yesterday and return back to motel at very late night. I felt so tired and got an invitation mail outside the Hitoshikun Road. But eating out is not so much energy to spare, two days trip was very excited. Then I went to Akasaka 7-Chome, ‘Yakitori Restaurant’ at the Akasaka street ‘Ponta’ (Akasaka 7-10-6). The shop is clean and its own by a couple and they have a good life together. The chef is the young married man and he can cook very well. The Yakitori he cooked was taste very delicious.

Look at this cute meatball.

Even though this shop is the closest yakitori from the motel, I did not want to buy the Yakitori at this shop before. There is a lot of time if I want to and I just don’t know why now. I went there, it was a very good feeling. I go there with my friends and for the first time enter the shop, we have a very long silence, and then we chat about Alaska for start the conversation.

 It is Ponta's grilled chicken delicious. In addition, I attach with the photograph and you can see the quality is quit high.

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Back To Nagasaki

 Well, I was allowed to have any questions on the fold this time in the e-mail. The other team got lost in the way to our place because the road is very confusing with a lot of stall and look the same. It’s already late and there is a chance to go tomorrow. I told them to let me know if there is time to spend some time eating Yakitori together.

Frankly, I do not have to enter in the "Shirotae" flower garden. So what about to be here helpful to you? Tomorrow is likely to become the 30 degrees and sunny. Not lose the heat, and we will enjoy the Akasaka view. Ponta famous dish was very delicious Yakitori and the atmosphere was good keep thinking in my mind. Why not another shot, so delicious.


Oh, my e-mail could not be successfully transmitted to my friend. I just want to thank him for introduce me with the ‘Ponta’. It is delicious towards the West than Shirotae restaurant. Two days before I was lunch at Aux Bacchanals Restaurant of Kioicho Street. The serve was to slow, and I’m not satisfy with the meals over there. Then, I went to see the Takashi Murakami Poster Gallery in Hiroo. The interior design is a like living in San Francisco, and it already start business since the opening of the Museum of Contemporary Art at the side of SFMOMA. The dishes serve in this restaurant was good too. This weekend is like doing food traveling around Nagasaki.

 Since my first blog, moving from site to site searching something interesting and at that time have been about 1 year ago, now I have a fan since the beginning attracted to the advertisement at one of the famous web site about grilled chicken.

Yakitori burning of that man is really delicious. It is exquisite dourness. In addition the food is very delicious. The rice also very tasty and please try to eat with us. The Chef have cut and fill the ingredient with the help of his wife, but cleanliness is the most important things for me even when I just want to pack the meal, makes out the goods of order and snappy.

        While keep drinking the potato dish with lemon juice, there are two friendly chilling customers come by to purchases some lunch set. They said that they never heard about this store before and I heard them talking about very much like the decoration here. Curt no, do not have to be sticky, I’m also felt exactly comfortable for the first time entered the customer.


Address :       
            Yakitori Torimasa Ebisu,
            6-18 Ebisumachi, Nagasaki, 850-0056, Japan.

Operating Hours :                
            Daily from 5:30pm to 10pm.

Phone :          -  NA  -

Budget :        2,000~¥2,999.


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