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Cili Padi Restaurant: Malay Cuisine (Bangkok)

'Restoran Melayu Sedap dan Halal di Bangkok'
“This week, I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Malay Cuisine in Bangkok, famous and it is the....”

Malay Cuisine
by Cili Padi.

          Chile Parma's Cili Padi Restaurant Halal Restaurant Silom area on the ground floor building ITF. Narathiwat Road Soi 1 between the intersections of Silom Road. Zone facing the street authentic Malaysian restaurant in Bangkok. 


 Hotels in Thailand called “Hot Kilkenny”. As the name itself sound delicious tasty food prepared by the chef Che Ahmad a very good in cook from Sai Buri, Pattani province.

Cili Padi is the one of Malaysian Halal Restaurant, found in Bangkok, located in the city on Silom road inside Thanon Pan which is also been called Soi Wat Khake (Indian Temple). This is one of the places where you can try Authentic Malaysian dishes from Mr. Azizan Bin Ibrahim, a Malaysian national and owner of this restaurant. He got the great idea to started Malaysian restaurant here in Bangkok when he was on his first visit to Bangkok and struggle to find availability of Halal food in Bangkok.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is clean ride cold warm air, friendly service and it the important thing is this restaurant regarded as Thailand's first restaurant to be ‘Halal’ and a winner as well. For those who prefer the buffet, this restaurant offers buffet lunch a variety of gourmet dining options. This restaurant serves ‘Halal Malay’ dishes for affordable price such as ‘Rendang Daging’ (Meat Dish) cost you at starting from 60 baht (RM6.90), ‘Kari Ikan’ (Fish Curry) for just 50 baht (RM5.80) and ‘Sambal Tumis Udang’ (Shrimp Condiment) for only 70 baht (RM8.10) and more. Recommended menu such as Chicken Mussaman, Curry and Fried fish oil that is taste so delicious when you feel very hungry and tired seeking Halal food in Bangkok town.

Rice with variaty of site dish. 


  Delicious Nasi Lemak

Roti Canai with Chicken Curry

Asam Pedas

Penang Laksa

The best way is to travel with BTS and get down at Sura Sak station. ‘Cili Padi’ is not far from the station you can reach there in minutes, get taxi should not cost you not more than 50 Baht from this station.

- Halal -



Address 1 :    
        107/3,Thanon Pan, 
        10500 Bangkok, Thailand.

Phone :           02 6351167.    

Address 2 :    
        160/9, 1st Floor, 
        Building ITF Suriyawong Bangkok.

Phone :           
             02 634 2839,

Opening Hours :   Daily (11:00am to 10:30pm).

How to Get There :      

        Bus 1, 75, Pa. 36 / Taksin Skytrain station.



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