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Sushi (Taipei)

'Great Sushi in Taipei'
“This week, I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Sushi in Taipei, famous and it is the....”

by Yu Sushi Taipei, Taiwan.


Yu Sushi Meal Set.

Country Hotel position mother land YU SUSHI, integrated Japanese cuisine for foundation. The creative style, indigo ocean manner when it should be noted that the beautiful design, the amount of arts at the house describe such as fish print is the good of arts, the concept is about the ocean apply meaning. YU SUSHI stick tasteless fine, non-pigmented, no artificial flavors, no artificial additives and material food DNA, parallel fresh Japanese cuisine at Nagachika harbor is curated seafood catch at Nyuna, Yuzuru (the owner) have a good customers although there is a lot of seafood restaurant nearby.

Hisashiki Healthy Diet.

       YU SUSHI start operating between the set meals after Echoes Ardent restaurant operating time. Than June caused the launch weekday special night meal make everyone allowed to select of very delicious western taste set meal series, each NT $580 + 10% occur, from the most affected by gluttonous like Yu distributed recommendation ordinary salt green seasonal fresh fish meal, each set meal for everyone after chef seminal heart the location, main dish for everyone to taste delicious dinner and enjoy the most sweet delicious secret recipe.


Another early summer for fresh package NT $1080 + 10%, average, it is so famous and such top-class food presented lush flavor. Japanese cuisine ordinary dish can be choose by optional on  Tsukasa Station can enjoy cooking for their own for you to take part in single cuisine, each NT $1,200 + 10% occur, plenty of choices with all kind of food have been prepared for customer select. You will tell the chef for the compliment of good style and delicious dish.

Land and sea meal set.

Seven type of set meal NT $580 average for this secret recipe for the beginning of this month set meal roll series. That seven species starting, each NT $580 + 10%, and inclusion every day can pick fresh preparation formed made up ordinary Yu vegetables pick. For the vegetarian lover, can try the vegetable dish with fresh and sweet taste. Every day their parents go fishing at the harbour to find specific season when ordinance raw fish pieces, you enjoy seafood delicious taste and the freshness of the catch, provide fix up specific delicious season as appetizer.


Another supplementary on smooth tender opening, fee so delicious with basis egg custard can relieve heart stomach. Seven main dish greens comprehensive to choose with wide fresh vegetable, low calories and such as healthy food natural eye intercept from basic diet, selection for like health brown sugar rather than general sugar, increase natural air, each fresh cool date can be pick in fresh, crystal Toruteki sashimi set meal, orange gourmands specific specialties Yu set meal, be perfectly burn, sweet shrimp, bravery, like collocation formed is rich in nutrient and delicious.

          The basis Nigikotobuki Tsukasa set meal, the quantity should combine with original eel fish meal another attractive taste to take distribution charcoal slow roasted basic grill with salt seasonal fresh fish, land and sea flavor set meal election for health grain shepherd natural cow back meat incense brewing deep-sea cod fish are two kind of top-grade ingredients provides in a double. Chef another special dish is Japan small cucumber pickled need two days preparation more specific self-made pickles and wealth basis Japan miso, lastly the curated made so sweet season drink, for a perfect dessert.

Nigi Hisashi Tsukasa set meal.
(Early summer Package Set)

          This set meal is specific for early summer season, the store is located at south Hikatsuawabi, nearby Entara and Mentaiko, such a top-class food. This restaurant offer lush flavor, early summer fresh package appetizer portion specialties three types of small bowl and tasty special season with fresh vegetable. The smooth tuna meat and avocado from the mountain of Ko. You can taste alternately every morning for this delicious fresh raw fish pieces, feed yourself with this tasty feel delicious cooked with "liquor steamed south fish", been a favorite of the people at the South area, following Japan sake, kelp, etc. Initiative increase fleshy soft tender mouth feeling meat.


          Japan sake incense flavor and mutual fusion, the inlet light pale manner and very delicious taste. You can select for variety of meat, "deep sea fish", following the cuisine in Japan luxury environment. For introduction, they serve of Japan white miso while waiting the preparation of cod fish, being cook by charcoal fire with slow roasted burn the fish oil, they gave miso as breath diffuse for the nose. It is worthy to have fine lily herb, fresh shrimp herb wrap, slip child bread fried, incense crisp shells ordinary shrimp for healthy food. So it is been the favorite place for veteran to enjoy meals here. The vegetable is not greasy too and make comfortable to the mouth while eating. After the meal, they will provides home made delicious dessert.

YU SUSHI early summer weekday formula set meal.

          Season at the old raw fish pieces, egg custard, rousted diet sashimi set meal specialties of Yu Early Summer Weekday set meal pickles, hot miso with hot water, seasonal fruit juice about NT $ 880, vegetables season with raw fish pieces season with egg custard. Some eel fish grill with salt with season fresh fish meal for two combined food set meal.

          YU SUSHI early summer is about NT $1080 + 10% (service charge) special made of three type’s small bowl. Season when vegetable, blue fin tuna fish with avocado herb, season when the raw fish pieces seasonal simmered with steamed sake and cook in hard burned and then fried with cod roe lily herb.



YU SUSHI Budget.
Weekdays evening set meal package, each NT $580 + 10%.
Early summer fresh package, each NT $1080 + 10%.
Hisashi set cuisine each NT $1,200 + 10% cause.
Land and sea set meal each about NT $1,000 + 10% cause.
Weekend Holiday package set meal each NT $1,280 + 10% cause.

Address :       
            No. 7, Lane 7, Lishui Street,
            Da’an District, Taipei City,
            Republik China di Taiwan 106.

Phone :          (02) 2835-5969.

Opening time :        
            Lunch hour 11:30am to 2:30pm
            Dinner 5:30pm to 9:30pm.



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