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Italian/European Fusion (Bangkok)

'Great Coffee House in Nonthaburi'
“This week I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Coffee House in Nonthaburi, famous and it is the....”

Italian/European Fusion
by Bistro de Flora


Chill atmosphere with a European-style

         After working together so tired, there is nothing relaxing than to sit back, chill and relax amidst beautiful warm. I sat in the shop today to take over the restaurant's rustic click logo gardens in Europe. What are some cool activity to watch them do it.

Bistro de flora Thailand European-style Fusion restaurant is located on the main road. Like rainy day you own a business of landscaping. Sales of home furnishings and decorative garden already mix with cozy restaurants. It has transformed into a garden area of European elegance. Contemporary chic style as charming to rural tourism in Europe.

Just walk up to the store, we will find a way to stretch the comforts of home with the dishes. The statue, sculpted plaster, glass and ceramic flowers. To choose to enjoy my body a lot. Some of this we can take away with me to the trustees. The favorite kind of style, which can be ordered at some stores do the same. Also known as a gourmet meal, you can also choose to view the house and garden to be built.

The restaurant has seating both inside and outside the open air in the air here. Beautifully designed with high ceilings, airy feel relaxed, not too uncomfortable. Incorporating decorative materials as wood, brick, concrete and steel cut seamlessly with lush green trees decorated by various angles.


          The interior of the white, clean, whether walls or furniture. High ceiling of pine trees and a colorful brick wall gives the restaurant a warm area like at home. Latent fascination with the magnificent decor of the emotional sweet vintage style. To a corner of the shop was extremely comfortable relaxation.



        This angle is another popular area with a table by the window you connect external verdant atmosphere laid back warm dinner by the window looking beautiful. The highlight of the restaurant is now even more spacious. But here again there were not a lot just because they want to care only 16 tables thoroughly friendly. Each table has a seat apart from each other by a moderate increase in airy heights. There is a private party, in full. Dining Out considered the same as in the home.

This zone is the seat next to the corridor to bar it. Beautiful warm earthy tones in the interior. In the corner of the bar with a wide selection of drinks along the length of the added convenience of ordering drinks. Whether it's for a cup of tea and coffee facilities. Or drinks hangout chill with friends during a special getaway. The store will feature live music to listen to some music on Friday evening with me.

          The other side of the restaurant was decorated beautifully as well. Pretty sweet, warm, with a private space that can be enjoyed not bored. Whether you eat and drink and indulge in a favorite book. In the bar, decorated in warm and tropical. Pine mood Scandinavian pattern with flowers add freshness to the atmosphere of the restaurant as well. In addition, the restaurant also has a catering sized to accommodate a lot of customers. The maintenance of this facilities is to be operate in this garden by a professional team.

          Take a look at the banquet room is even better. The beautifully decorated, warm and very pleasant it here. The device comes equipped with television and audio privacy extremely well. The food was well done, take a leisurely stroll in the garden naturally to me. Vacationing mood and relaxing for escape the hustle of the city.

         With a commitment to share the happiness with everyone as you grind owner had been on vacation abroad, and was the inspiration for the restaurant, making Bistro de flora attention to detail in the d├ęcor and with a very warm, really. Those who want to experience the chill atmosphere in the garden, I strongly recommend this for you all to consider. This is one type of restaurant can enjoy it.

Address :       
             30/4 Moo. 2 Road,
             T. Road, Bangraknoi Sub-district,
             11000 Nonthaburi, Thailand.

Opening Hours :     
            Open Monday - Friday  (10:00am to 10:00pm).
            Saturday - Sunday  (9:00am to 10:00pm).

Contact :       0813508828.



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