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Coffee House (Bangkok)

'Great Coffee House in Bangkok'
“This week I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Coffee House in Bangkok, famous and it is the....”

Coffee House
by Phan Zen 1000 Line Café


The objective is to fine a dining place to eat noodle around Bangkok. It’s a small cafe and it has a beautiful view Customers want to sit down and enjoy while eating at this restaurant. The decision was not difficult to do things like the 1000 line, not a noodle shop.

I’ll have to tell the story of Zen. I do not forget and miss a single thing about Zen. This column merchant clan led to the merchant a well-known noodle shop. I would not imagine that if not a model because the average body, face smile melts my heart. He was named Yoou Phu, short and easy to remember one of the partner noodle shops that line in 1000.

1000 line Noodle the beautifully decorated cafe with a virtual camera angles to comment. From a young graphic design office investment from the routine to go to the business user. Became a merchant Noodle (looks good, too), "I like to eat a lot of noodles. Restaurants that do not need to try to be cool. The majority there knows that the restaurant is delicious. Pork Store is cool or it's the soup. It's just that each store on the 1000 lines as we go, "the atmosphere was like sitting in the garden, in the cities of Europe”.



>>>Black Coffee Sachet<<<


The position of young Noodle Spicy then looks McLaughlin palatable agree? I would like to express any menu Noodle Shop is a chick concept. Is to mix and match.

How to:
·         Select line.
·         Topping (Choose 3).
·         Choose water or moisture.

This will have noodles that we choose for yourself. While waiting to order snacks like noodles. Pork Wonton bounce, crispy pork CE sweet. It ordered poached seafood dip is delicious served alongside people forget to do. I’ll tell you to the right menu, like pork dumplings flatter bounce Pork meat, a rare Ekigimai, you’ll love it from day to day. Tom Carne pour you a simple squeeze of lemon to enhance the avant-garde. The menu featured a good customer like. What are your favorites? Is it a spicy one? How to taste at all.


Harvest Crusades childish young Zen, anyone has a funny story. Embarrassing childhood you notes, too, still remember the heroism of himself well. "This is in my mind for a long time now. Remember when I was waiting to cross the road. I saw a car in the distance the light did not change I suddenly ran across the road at all. But it’s not ending there, I suddenly had a face attached to the middle of the intersection on the main road (suddenly fall). Among all eyes are waiting to cross the street there. Then I had to rush off himself and keep walk pretending nothing is happen, but actually I'm very shy. I wanted to hide, Oh, do not worry to maintain the style (well not to deform). We all laughed off as the gas went out loud.

          "Actually, I like jogging, hiking and climbing," the first sentence of the conversation. Lifestyle Holidays eat spicy things. When we asked this question, we need to move to a nearby chair. Recently I've just come to Kew Mae Pan Chiang's trip more enjoyable. Listen attentively (than another). Walk across with great views over sea beauty. Eve in your busy day job will make you forget about it and far in a typical day you notes often to sit at the café. Beautiful as the Ari Thonglor Ekamai girls want to know the coordinates of the frame. This is where to shop and what to pursue in the city.


>>>Old Town White Coffee<<<


It's highlighted with sweet Tonkatsu cheese fondue Thales awesome new menu from Maisen. Impress again delicious with the legendary Tonkatsu soft. Japanese nationality fly from Tokyo Aoyama inherits the secret recipe for more than 50 years until it opened a branch in Thailand. With creative new menu serves food continuously. Last push for new fans tunes with cheese lovers. ‘Series Zen cheese fondue Thales’. The special menu is Cup Cheese Fondue Thales compact. But stuffed with sweet cheese of good quality. Decorate a delicious discrete until smooth. Katsu menu served alongside hot. Choice of chicken, pork, shrimp and premium mix that can hit it.

Address :
       Noodle 1000Zen,
       Soi Ari 1, Phayathai,
       10400 Bangkok.

Opening hours :  Daily 10:30am to 9:00pm.



>>>Nana Hotel, Bangkok<<<

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