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Mee Bandung Central: Bandung Noodle 2 (Muar)

'Mee Bandung Sedap di Muar, Johor'
“This week, I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Bandung Noodle in Johor, famous and it is the....”

Muar Bandung Noodle
by Mee Bandung Central.


          There is another restaurant that serves Bandung Noodle in Muar. I gonna have one more Bandung Noodle this evening before going back to Johor Bahru. I’m not going back to Johor Bahru using the highway but I prefer to use the old road (Muar to Batu Pahat road) because there is something special on the way to Batu Pahat that I have to stop by for the most exciting agenda. If you want to know what the special is, just don’t miss my article after I finish my second Bandung Noodle that is also delicious and can be put it as one of the star marking on your Google Maps.

            Let go to ‘Mee Bandung Sentral’ and let see what is the special about this dish at a different restaurant. Is it the same as Bandung Noodle at ‘Abu Bakar Hanipah’ or there is different in the dish? We will find it soon enough. I found this restaurant while searching the web for special dish at Muar. This restaurant location is just in front of ‘Muar Science Secondary School’ gate. Just turn to the road into the resident area and you will find it there. Actually, there is three Bandung Noodle in that area and you have to find the correct signboard.


            Before that, I went to my old school to take a picture at the gate. Very touching to remember the time when I was studying here. A lot of memories, paint and happiness gain in this school teaching me to be motivated where ever I go to become what I’m today. Thanks a lot to the teachers of ‘Muar Science Secondary School’ (batch 93/94).



       Continue to my agenda for having Bandung Noodle at ‘Mee Bandung Sentral’. The place was not so crowded and have a lot of empty parking space. The parking area is quite big and I think there is no problem if having a lunch here (at pick hour). But some say they have to wait for a while for sitting because this restaurant only has a medium size of the dining area (about 20 people capacities). No wonder you have to wait and, fortunately, there are not many customers when I arrived there. I just have 1 bowl of Bandung Mee and a glass of cream tea before I continue my journey back.

             The taste is not quite different from the Abu Bakar Hanafiah. Maybe the ingredient comes from the same Master Chef. But still delicious that I can’t resist not to have this dish. They also provide ‘Soto Noodle’, Fried Noodle/Rice, Soup, Grill Muscle/Fish and more. So in this restaurant provide more dish for the customers. The cost is the same that is around RM5.00 that is nowhere you can find this price around the nation.

Address :       
            Jalan Merak, Taman Wawasan,
            Tanjung Agas, Muar.

Phone :
            012-705 4950

New Location (Nearby) :

>>>Pes Mee Bandung Muar<<<

>>>5 Pek Pes Mee Bandung @ 180g/Pek<<<


>>>Inn Home Hotel, Muar<<<

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