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Estoril Mandarim Restaurant: Chinese Cuisine (Portugal)

'Delicious Chinese Cuisine in Portugal'
“This week, I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Chinese Cuisine in Portugal, famous and it is the....”

Chinese Cuisine
by Estoril Mandarim


          Presenting a list of over 119 specialties, Estoril Mandarin restaurant is unique in Portugal. The haute cuisine of the region of Kwong Tong is a temptation in informal lunch of dim sum or a fine dinner where excellence multitude of delicacies and a magnificent view over the gardens of the Casino ensure a memorable experience.

          Discover the Estoril Mandarin is an experience that proves truly unforgettable. Forget everything you know about Chinese food and get ready for a real lesson of lightness and respect for the balance between food flavors. You can opt for the terrace, with a view to the idyllic gardens of the Casino and in the background, the beach of Tamariz, or the elegant rooms. In the silent kitchen, dominated by the efficiency and concentration, the chef Peng Kuan Yeow leads operations.

Dim Sum


Chicken Meat

          This restaurant have been published by various media as well as by their peers as one of the best chefs cooking Chinese world. The "International Who's Cooking" has given the honored to this restaurant. This business brought to Portugal a resume highlighted by several hotels Macanese five stars and a dogged determination to fulfill, to the letter, the culinary tradition of the region of Kwong Tong. With an exquisite decoration, this space offers a service of first quality and various "treats" that customers really appreciate and for which they do not mind paying as private rooms with room service and personal tailor made, whether for business or for a romantic evening.


Different Suggestions.

          The much appreciated Peking duck delights the most demanding diners. Comprised of an animal of about 2 in a half kg, is divided into two parts, the first which serves the crispy duck skin to be eaten wrapped in fresh dough (and sauce bittersweet for those who want). Then the meat is served as a main course, sliced ​​or wrapped in lettuce. 


          At lunch, the Dim Sum is a choice well appreciated. This dish consisting of a kind of testing menu for the customer to compose from a vast selection of delicacies like small pancakes, pasta stuffed with shrimp and asparagus, bread Chinese cashews with honey and coconut, sesame dumplings or fried yams and shrimp, to name a few know beautifully accompanied by tea Monkey Peak.

          If we add to these delicacies inviting terrace perched above the gardens, with the sea as cloth background, it is hard to imagine more pleasant setting for lunch. To demonstrate all its satisfaction regarding the meal you just enjoyed, nothing better than to leave a stain clearly visible in the towel, and do not think being rude, because that attitude in China is a sign that was very satisfied with what he ate.

Address :  Casino Estoril, Avenida Doutor Stanley Ho, 2765-192 Estoril, Portugal.
Phone :  +351 21 466 7270



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