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Cafe Kopi 434: Great Coffee (Muar)

'Kopi Campur Sedap di Johor'
“This week, I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Coffee in Johor, famous and it is the....”

Great Coffee
by Café ‘Kopi 434’.

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I am a tea lover. But I still love to drink coffee when I want to. I will drink coffee about twice a month. So, when I want it, I have to find the best coffee ever. Here in Malaysia we call it ‘Kopi Kau’ (very rich thick coffee and sweet). Today I will write about the most popular Café in the state, I bring you “Café Kopi 434” that is located at Muar, Malaysia (about 90 miles from my home town)

Black Coffee


I looking for opportunities to visit this Café many time and I have success in last month (single day trip alone). Sai Kee 434 Coffee uses the traditional "dry" method to separate the pulp and the coffee seed. Then simply spread the Liberica berries on the clean ground in a "ware house", turned it regularly with shovels and allowed to dry. The "ware house" protects the berries from dust, sand, and rain. 

     The old way of making coffee at ‘Sai Kee 434 Coffee’ by pouring boiling water through roughly grounded beans in a white muslin sock make it so tasty. Ah Sai Kee was founder in 1953 the number 434 was the telephone area code at Muar  in the 1960s.

Kaya Bun

Toast Bread

The coffee was rich black, sweet robustly flavored and bitter taste and I love it very much. Everybody that is coffee lover will visit every day to this Café for having their daily supply. If you pass through to the south using North-South Highway, there is a new upgrading road from Tangkak interchange that straight to Muar just about 12 miles from the highway. Others from Melacca can use 'Lebuh AMJ' highway for an option.

Now they are having much more sophisticated packaging to supply nationwide and “Kopi- O” product (sachet packaging)is the most famous product for the customers outside the state to have in the market nowadays. They also got Elephant Bean Coffee, White Coffee, Kopi Kampung, 2 in 1 Coffee, Arabian Coffee and more.

-      Certified Halal   -

Address :        
            121, Jalan Maharani,
            (across the road from the central bus
             station and wet market).

Opening Hours :     8:00am to 5:30pm daily.


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