Sunday, 6 March 2016

Steak (Wakkanai, Japan)

'Great Steak in Wakkanai, Japan'
“This week I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Steak in Wakkanai, famous and it is the....”

Wakkanai Steak. 
by Volume-tei (ボリューム)


A popular point of distribution site main mashed meat ‘mora’, ‘Yukari then’.

The great steak has appeared.

The restaurant has been famous and interviewed and a proposal as part of the local eateries popular "Wakkanai".

Volume Tei is Yuhito Kun Iwai guitar that became the idol of many fans.

He also has appeared several times in the web.

This time Chaimashou also introduced to fans Galileo apart from Wakkanai (Soya Bay area).

100 million people will be asked this question "Are you a fan of hot rice


The most popular restaurant at Wakkanai that will be introduced to "something worth to have it! There is no other restaurant have this kind of taste, only one in this world," as stated in a number of television programs.

Volume-Tie is name because of the number of customers who get a bit crowded in the restaurant, than added the name after the street in front of this restaurant.

Originally, the 'Volume-Tei' is the name seems to be by your brother-in-law.

In addition to the menu is made in Wakkanai is very good, the harmony of food is very compatible with the passage of time and very interested public.

Look at the thickness of the meat.


For the first time customer will smile happily when looking at the size of the meat and laugh happily.

 It seems that the most popular menu is "hamburger" is still well-known
since the beginning.

It is said that the taste of very juicy steak dishes here is always the same since more than 30 years ago came now, while its size is unchanged.

Simply find a delicious meal on the day and when you feel it is guaranteed for 30 years to come, it remains the same. Fixed delicious.

Hamburger is the local flavor Pavilion a lot of customers here, when you have tasted it, you'll definitely recommend this course to be tested by your friends.

There is also an extra big size menu dishes.

The most popular dish among adults around here was the braised pork for just 1200++ Yen.

A piece of pork specially made with ultra-thick demi-glace sauce is very
tasty and it's softer than what appears on the menu.

Garnish potatoes, green beans, spaghetti also serve in large quantities.

This and ultra-heaping of rice in the body as if all control is me.

The real problem you going to face is about being stuck in the full stomach.

But everybody enjoy eating here and will finish it and has a mood to eat.


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Hokkaido Prefecture 097-0022,



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