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Restoran JD Murtabak: Singapore Murtabak (Muar)

'Murtabak Singapore Sedap di Muar, Johor'
“This week, I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Murtabak in Johor, famous and it is the....”

Singapore Murtabak
by JD Murtabak Restaurant.

Apart from being a royal town, Muar is among of the food paradise in Malaysia and the other great dish and famous such as Asam Pedas (spicy Chili Soup), Bandung Noodle, 434 coffee and Singapore Murtabak. 

This place is being operated since early 19th ago. I have mentioned about Bandung Noodle and 434 coffee in my previous article. If you miss it, just click the site map on this page.

If you want to find Singapore's JD Murtabak restaurant, you have to find a way to Tanjung Agas, Muar and from Muar city you have to across the Muar River to the other side. Near the petrol pump station ‘Petronas’. I will guaranty you will easily spot the place that is on your right-hand side and this delicious murtabak (bread spread with a lot of meat inside).

I was born in Johor and I been in Muar in 1993 and 1994 to further my study at one of Government Boarding School (Sekolah Menengah Sains Muar) to get my SPM certificate. But in that time I don’t have the opportunity to go for such place regarding the tide schedule that I have in study. Now, I come back to Muar for searching the gorgeous delicious dish in town. That is so much worth to spend 2 days in Muar while remembering the memories of teenagers. Before this I have already write about delicious ‘Cheesy Murtabak’ at Johor Bahru.

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So, if you guy on the way back to Johor Bahru or someway around, I suggest you to stop by at Muar for resting instead of just resting at Rest and Restore (R & R) area inside the highway. Impress your wife a little bit with this delicious dish and she will appreciate it. By the way, this Murtabak Singapore Restaurant is easy to spot just beside the Petronas Petrol Pump Station (on the right side when driving from Muar City) and nearby Muar Secondary Science School, Tanjung Agas. I only know about this restaurant that offers Singapore Murtabak, if there is another restaurant, feels free to have the suggestion from you guys.

For now, thanks for the reading and have a nice day.
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Singapore Murtabak, Muar.

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