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Asam Pedas Pak Yahya dan Mak Pon (Muar)

'Asam Pedas Sedap di Muar, Johor'
“This week, I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Chili Soup (Asam Pedas) in Johor, famous and it is the....”

Asam Pedas (Spicy Chili Soup)
by Pak Yahya and Mak Pon.


   I’m arrived at ‘Parit Jawa’ at dust so better stay here for one night. Let me tell you a little bit story about ‘Parit Jawa’. It is a fisherman village and a lot of fresh seafood supply from this village. So, if there got a plenty of fish also got a special recipe to cook by the villagers. The people here are well known for their special ‘Asam Pedas’ (Spicy Chili Soup) dish.

          There are plenty of restaurant and stall serve ‘Asam Pedas’ (Spicy Chili Soup) around Muar. But outside people have a difficult to choose which the best is. Actually, all the ‘Asam Pedas’ sold around Muar are delicious. Some say ‘Asam Pedas’ recipe comes from Malacca, just beside Muar. So, that’s why the people here are very specialist in making this kind of dish. Many of the outsiders confuse between Parit Raja and Parit Jawa. Don’t worry, I will provide you the address and map to find the best ‘Asam Pedas’ you will ever taste at the end of this.


There is two popular stalls that been search by the ‘Asam Pedas’ fans at Parit Jawa Asam Pedas Food Court. Both of the stall provide a delicious ‘Asam Pedas’. Their meals always sold out earlier and their customers come from all over the state and even from the outside of the state. Sometimes it has been a location for Bikers Gathering from all over the country. One of the stalls has already published by the number 1 Media Corporation (TV3).

1.     Stall no 1 own by Mr. Yahya (Pak Yahya) had signed on TV3. The fish sold here is very fresh fish and various kinds. The price is reasonable to get and depend on the size of the fish.



2.     Shop no 6 own by Madam Pon (Mak Pon) and also provide delicious ‘Asam Pedas’ that we can’t resist as well. Her stall does not been published on TV but always be the favorite to the bloggers for their article. I can say that her price also the same with Mr. Yahya stall and another stall around here.

 Asam Pedas Pak Yahya

   Today I want to have ‘Asam Pedas’ at stall no 1 (Asam Pedas Pak Yahya). There are several of the fish offers to been cook for the dish such as Indian mackerel fish (ikan kembong), sea bass (siakap), red snapper (ikan merah) and more. I like to have red snapper for my lunch with the omelet (telur dadar) and not forget my favorite Cream Tea. It cost me about RM30 and believe me it worth for the fresh fish that hard to find in the city the fish like this one.

 Asam Pedas Mak Pon

   What you guy thinking when to look at this reddish ‘Asam Pedas’. Very delicious hot and spicy dish with a lot of flavor in it makes you dreams to come again for a second visit. If you came to this Royal City just don’t forget to have a visit to the Parit Jawa Food Court and enjoy the great Malay Cuisine. You can plan for two to three days’ trip and stay at the Hotel so you will have enough time to spend with your beloved family in Muar food paradise. There are a lot of restaurant and stall you can choose and also got places to visit such as Gunung Ledang National Park in Tangkak, Tanjung Emas Recreation Garden, also have River Cruise at Tanjung Emas Pier and Hot Spring at Gersik.
        It is not so hard to find route to Fisherman's Pier at Parit Jawa. Take the road to Batu Pahat and you will find the signboard after travel about 14 km from the roundabout at Muar City Center. Turn right and you will find it there (if you are taking Temenggong Ahmad Road). There is another route along the coastal beside the sea and straight away to Parit Jawa Village (if using Abdul Rahman Road). Good luck, have a nice day and thank you for reading.



Address :       
             Asam Pedas Food Court,
             Parit Jawa Village,
             84150 Muar.

Contact :       +6012-2551762.

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