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Restaurants in Krabi (Part 1)

'Great Seafood in Krabi'
“This week I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Seafood in Krabi, famous and it is the....”

at Krabi.


The ultimate guide to eat tasty food in good atmosphere.

          When it comes to Krabi, many people think about the view of the ocean with beautiful beaches, clear water and the love of small town people there. Andaman Coast here, not only is distinguished by its maritime attractions such as Island Rail, this area offers tourists a wide range of personal preferences as your friends that interest to have a trip to Krabi Cities and rich people find it charming. Prior to the addition to planning a trip, tourism and accommodation are provided. 


Food is one thing to concern about if have a visit to the city. This must not miss the tasting decisively. Here, you can sample the famous menu was called oyster provincial that have been serve at the restaurants around here. The size of the oyster is not so big after boiling it, then popped out like a small fin. People called it ‘Piedmont’ and after cooked, the oyster then will be put back in the shell. If it been cooked with a shell, use a toothpick to dip it out any. The shell will come off. It will be tastier when eat it with seafood sauce. In addition, shellfish and foot spasms menu cooked from fresh seafood and meat dishes from a sweet to spicy foods from Southern Food Cuisine. 
            The menu is one that must come together to offer. Whether shrimp paste, yellow curry noodles with kidney or liquid. They have four types of choices. It is a dish that many people come to eat and engaging. The people who visited Krabi, could not imagine going to eat some good delicious food.

Trip Travel Guide.

Trips Travel Guide recommend the restaurant to eat delicious dishes in good atmosphere to, then you know some of the restaurant in this and the next article. It makes a delicious fish dish ever.



by Kanabnam Seafood and Fish Farm.

Restaurant overlooking the water, bordered seafood stew Krabi island.

You and your friends have to come to visit Krabi if want to sample the best fresh seafood and delicious. The fish is straight out of the sea. With a beautiful tracts view of mangrove nature will tells you that you must not miss to have a visit. Seafood Stew Restaurant operating every day and you will not find difficulty to search for delicious dish.

          This area provide a great seafood on the island, a small island located just a couple of minutes from Krabi Town. The restaurant is located in the midst of the coop and natural waters. With the wind blowing gently through the day result the customers who eat here will be so pleasant to be kind. I feel relaxed and happy to eat delicious food and I really enjoy the meal.

This must be ordered fish such as snapper, grouper, because the restaurant provide fresh fish. The cages are just beside the restaurant for them to cook a delicious taste.  

          They have to eat more local food such as seaweed salad from Antler Sea, crab, shellfish, eggs, curry leaves, galangal moan burn snapper backed clams, fried shrimp, herbs, foot spasms and more. Fry fish on either from the water of Cobia casually dip. 


>>>Pes Masak Merah<<<


          In addition, the store has been in group catering and eco-tourism activities. For customers interested too joint and you like to eat food in a casual atmosphere surrounded by nature, you are welcome to come here.

Location :      
     In the central district of Krabi Island, 
     (You can take a boat from Port Royal.
     The price is 100 Baht per trip boat ride 
     is about 6- 8 people).

Opening hours :      Daily (9:00am to 9:00pm).

Phone :          08 5933 3971, 09 1328 4549.


>>>Pes Tomyam<<<



>>>Centara Ao Nang Beach Resort and Spa, Krabi<<<

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