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Western (Osaka)

'Great Western Food in Osaka,Japan'
“This week I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Western Food in Osaka, famous and it is the....”

Western Cuisine
by Tei Shin Umeda.

Enjoy the delicious Western

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Commitment Western shop shining has also increased in the esophagus city. "Western & Beer freedom" opened in April 2015.The restaurant was special and the customers obsessed with the handmade recipe provided by the restaurant. Most of the recommended hand full hamburger. And watch for the secret of taste, things that use a blend of several of mince. Fresh cabbage filled using the seeds of the hamburger also recommended changes is short-sighted.

Oversized homemade tartar sauce of affixed fried shrimp, the size is likely to fill up the stomach with one of. The first of fried slowly, finally finished delicious frying over high heat. It has closely packed only until the end (this is important). Dish of large satisfaction because even able as dish of a la cart as well as set meals, would be good to enjoy as you both luxury attestation of liquor. The restaurant name is synonym to the feelings of wanting to enjoy Western and beer together. They have a lot of delicious dish menu and beer is more and more willingly would likely.
Spread in the store among the esophagus Street, all of which is composed of a table seat, perfect for to eat or drink while talking with friends and colleagues. In addition, since the Western menu that can come with your family to enjoy, it may on the day of the “Fathers’ Day” might be good to come with the whole family. The Esophagus Street, also new like fresh wind blows in the morning.

Favorite Dish.

C lunch set 1,200 Yen
Luxurious dish. Volume is happy.

Hamburger 1,500 Yen
Eat Hafuhafu a piping hot!

Mince cutlet 950 yen
Crispy dish. Here also recommended.

Store name                            Western & Beer freedom Tei Shin Umeda.
Phone Number                      0663125929.
The average budget              Lunch set from 870 yen to 1,300 yen night ~.
Daytime sales and
night business                       Business day business night.
Capacity                                 50 seats.
Smoking Propriety                Separation of smoking areas.
Availability                             Yes.
Card Availability                    Yes.
Private Room                         None.
Takeout                                  Improper.
Large Group Of
People                                    Improper.
Business Hours                      Sun-Thu 11: 00 - 22: 30 (L.O 22:00).
                                                Friday, Saturday 11: 00 - 23: 00 (L.O 22:30).
Regular holiday                     January 1.
Other Services                       11:00 to 13:00 non smoking.
13:00 – Smoking.


 Western & Beer freedom Tei Shin Umeda


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