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Coffee House 2 (Bangkok)

'Great Coffee House in Ratchaphruek'
“This week I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Coffee House in Ratchaphruek, famous and it is the....”

Coffee House.
by Are Lom Dee Cafe


          Arelomdee Cafe (good air café), one of the cafes chic names in Social Media, which has been mentioned a lot in terms of store layout and design, food and drink menu. Customers who are using the service. I have come to repeat and the transmission of visual pleasure through the online world. I want to make people interested. A pleasure to meet them at their own. In this issue, let's find out what makes Arelomdee Cafe has been so popular within a very short time.

          This café is located along the Bangkok Noi canal. Ratchaphruek Road Bang (Near the municipal Bang), which is divided into two main zones within the store's roof shapely show. Structural steel design Features walls with large windows to provide a panoramic view overlooking the canal. Furnish a Future oriented features. The modern style of the restaurant. 


          The inner zone is ideal for demanding clients. Comfortable atmospheric air it blends in with the environment outside of the zone, which is an amazing river. With seating for customers to get closer. The atmosphere along the canal is very awesome and you will be satisfied, both physically and emotionally.

          For the intention of the owner Waterfront Warehouse Restaurant intended as a show focused on Industrial New York style Material steel, wood, concrete, brick, open for one year, with emphasis on Mass Marketing of all ages all ages. The owner has to go to a foreign country. We have the opportunity to roam Michelin Star gourmet food so I have an idea. Customers will experience a new look of cooking style. In tangible the menu starts at 30 baht coffee and other drinks on average 45-85 baht.




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Drinks will be served both hot and cold. Breakfast is the meal menu. The appetizer menu, the tasty Cherry Coke with soft Apple's drink is the Signature Drinks at this restaurant and very synthesizer. That comes with a new look. Coffee menu that includes traditional coffee taste and fresh milk Blue Sky beverages, soft blue and plum flavors that go out like no other. There are also homemade ice cream flavor. This coffee house served with various kind of toppings. The Fine Silk wool topping with shore spruce cone and caramel juice will be a great choice.

          In addition to the beverages the menu offered a simple meal is also available in a variety of dishes as well. The menu has also been popular such as Cheese faze pork burger with waffles, cheese and pork instead of ordinary bread and burgers. Middle with pork marinated intensive fill with delicious cheese plate Burns and greasy. It also has a wide selection of menu, spaghetti, rice, bakery and much more during the holiday Saturday to Sunday. There are also many special menus that rotate to allow customers to eat.

For those who like a waterfront community along the peaceful canal "stylish" This store is a shop that everyone is wanted to try the service for a small private lazing comfortably. Mix lightly with a view of waterfront community lifestyle, people expect the people who would like to have a coffee shop business ideas.

-  Non-Halal  -

Business hours :
            Wed - Mon :  11:00 am - 9:00 pm.
            Tue :            - off –

 Phone Number :   +66 2 085 8443.


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