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Belvedere Resort Grande Real Italia Hotel & Spa: Italian (Portugal)

'Delicious Italian Cuisine in Portugal'
“This week, I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Italiane Cuisine in Portugal, famous and it is the....”

Italian Food
by Belvedere

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With a sublime gastronomic bet, around the Italian tastes, the restaurant Belvedere Grande Real Villa Italia Hotel & Spa promises an experience unique and truly unforgettable. The Real Hotels Group invested in a new culinary makeover. Based on the history of the Grande Real Villa Italia Hotel & Spa and making the most of the wonderful view over the sea of ​​Cascais, the Belvedere restaurant offers a rich and diverse range around the most authentic flavors of Italian cooking. 

The space, with capacity for 70 people, including a private room for 20 people, ideal for birthdays and other celebrations or events professionals. His room has been carefully designed for a sophisticated and welcoming surroundings.

Outside, a terrace overlooking the sea, providing a journey through the best flavors of Italy in a moment of true tranquility among family and friends. In dishes carefully designed and prepared by the executive chef of Real Hotels Group, Paulo Pinto, there are the homemade fresh pasta. To complete the meal, the cocktail menu and wine was also thought by taking advantage of the characteristic flavors of the country as well as the best wines of each region. And think of the newest, the Belvedere also includes the Menu Bambini. Space for excellence.

Aiming to offer real taste experience, coupled with a tranquility that only the involvement of the Grande Real Villa Italia Hotel & Spa can offer the superb wine restaurant Belvedere included dishes like foccacia, breadsticks, virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, marinated olives, chopped tomatoes, arugula salad with shavings of Parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes, caramelized nuts, caprese salad with basil ice cream, Salmon carpaccio with salad of fennel and lemon, Beef Carpaccio with Parmesan and arugula, plate of prosciutto, bresaola, arugula and figs, Cream of pumpkin with ricotta,...... 

........ Cream of tomato soup with poached eggs, fried vegetables, mushroom gratin with mozzarella and pancetta, open mussels with cream and garlic French, risotto Milanese with straw duck, tomato risotto and basil with roasted pine nuts, seafood risotto with shrimp sautéed in garlic, green asparagus risotto with scallops stained, mushroom ravioli and spinach, eggplant on backpack stuffed with ricotta, pumpkin and roasted pine nuts, cream and light beet, in golden foil with potato and vegetables, streak heated gnocchi with coriander sauce and stew. 

Grilled tuna medallions with braised vegetables, sauce capers and lemon confit; roast beef with rocket and parmesan sirloin or pork nuggets, green sauce and baked potatoes with mascarpone. Dare to discover these delicacies and trip to Bella Italia.


Grande Real Villa Hotel & Spa, Portugal

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