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Kacang Pool Haji (Johor)

'Kacang Pool Sedap di Johor'
“This week, I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Peanut Soup in Johor, famous and it is the....”

Kacang Pool (Peanut Soup)
by Kacang Pool Haji.

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       Where is the finest dining location at Larkin Bus Terminal area as soon as you got off the express bus from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru? The food in the terminal food court is not too heavy but good enough to feed your empty stomach. There are also have fast food such as Pizza Huts, McDonald, KFC and one Indian Mamak restaurant nearby.

In Johor, popular with a lot of food is influenced by elements of the Singaporean and Indonesian tastes like ‘Ambeng’ Rice, brains, ‘mee rebus’ (Noodle Soup), lamb soup, bone soup, variety of curry and bread. Why don’t you try a special dish a couple of block from the Terminal Bus Station? This dish become ‘must be eaten’ item come at Larkin area, it been unique kind of dish that is hard to find at another places. Present it to you ‘Kacang Pool Haji’ Restaurant.

The name had already caught our attention. Actually when I first heard about this dish, I can’t imagine what it look is like. It is actually a red bean based dishes cook with minced meat, decorated with onion, chili lime slices piece. Most interesting is about ‘benjo’ eggs on it top of it (half cook egg cooked in a round mold). Not to be missed is a thick piece of crispy toast that been place in separate dish, it is crispy at the outside but soft at the inside. My appetite rise when thinking about this dish.

 This is one of my favorite dish when I spend around Johor Bahru area. After all, when people traveled to the city, we will always remember the food at home. The price for a set of bean Pool Hajj is only RM6.50 (previously RM5). Quite good for the stomach and health because of high protein content before proceeding further. It is perfect when eaten hot. I also recommend you to order a glass of club soda from the stall nearby. It was so refreshing and it cost you for only RM2.50 only.

 If you already feel compelled to taste the soft toast with minced meat mixed with egg yolk oozes, you may also visit their new outlet at Larkin Shopping Plaza (at the back of Larkin Bus Terminal). There is a bridge for you to cross and a lot of fan also like to feel the clean environment there. Otherwise the food court is very much comfortable for the customer that want to release their breath for a cup of tea with on bowl of ‘Kacang Pool’.

There is another place you can stop by at the food court beside the Larkin Fire Station. There is my favorite place because got one stall provide nice tasty Ice Blended (Air Batu Campur). Try it by your self with your friend or relative when visiting Johor Bahru and I guaranty you will not regret about it.

Address :       
          1. Plaza Larkin, Johor.
          2. Medan Selera Bomba Larkin, Johor.
          3. Restoran Kacang Pool Haji,
              Jalan Sabar,
              Taman Dato Onn,
              Larkin, Johor.


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