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Seafood 2 (Krabi)

'Great Seafood in Krabi'
“This week I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Seafood in Krabi, famous and it is the....”

by “Kitchen Tara” Nang Beach, Krabi.

Last month before early 2016 have the opportunity to come in Krabi. In addition, the famous attraction about Krabi is it has a beautiful white beaches and great sea view. Krabi area is rich in seafood. It will be so wasting if you come to Krabi and then do not eat seafood. There are a lot of seafood restaurant and all of the restaurant serve delicious seafood dish. One of the famous seafood restaurant and who often talked about is the "Kitchen Tara".


This restaurant located on Nopparat Thara, in front of the National Park Nopparat Thara entrance (Mu Koh Phi Phi). It was easy to locate this restaurant because you can find many of bellboy lineup at the front area of the restaurant, standby to welcome the customers. You can find also many seller chasing all over the visitors to sell fish and accessories made from shell as a gift. A lot of activities can be done here such as a choice of swimming at the beach, laying down on the beach or just sitting calm with the juicy ice lemon tea. It up to you of how you want to choose that suit you. Or you can open a menu and select a delicious seafood dish inside the restaurant.

        The waitress will explain about the food to you and come out with the recommendation so that you do not have to think much about it. Or use the short cut, asked the staff at the restaurant for the best and famous dish the customers can get was a bit better. Then do not be surprised if the staff will recommend “shell” foods because the restaurant was named of the shellfish. “All goodies shell" because it has a really wide range of shellfish such as mussels, clams, sweet mussels, oysters, sea whip clamp, foot snail cockle clams, wood grain and many shellfish that we do not know. 
          This restaurant is the first dining place I prefer to eat seafood at Krabi beach. There are too many people today, then I do not travel much, preferring to eat at this restaurant and enjoy watching the view. From what I see, review from the other restaurant, this restaurant looks better. Instead I feel hungry too. Both my friends eat the whole grain breakfast and I have to wait for lunch time, but it's very good to feel hungry after consider what the lunch is for today.

Nopparat Thara Beach

The restaurant has a lot of good customers. The advantage of this restaurant is the fantastic beachfront views were absolutely gorgeous. It is also not too hot for the afternoon sun. The food is fantastic and they are fish or shrimp to be weighed. You should ask the price before ordering it. Ordered food for about 10 minutes and it will be ready to serve the ordered menu.

 Delicious Crab Salad that rich in flavors and very good.

 Fried rice with crab, crab shreds. The taste is good enough to eat.



 Fried fish the taste is crisp fish will have a bit more time.

           I think there are nobody want to eat fast food at Krabi, or it is still not being served in this area. For sure this seafood dishes are hundred times tastier than the fast food. For people like us is very hungry will be enjoy the delicious seafood at this restaurant.

 Spicy fillet of snapper. We like the taste of meat for this dish.

          The fish are very fresh and so good. But my fellow told that the soup is a little bit smells with lot of massive lemon peel, but I like it. Many customers ordered this kind of dish, it become the favorite dish ever. We just order three different dishes for the dinner. The food here is so delicious and you will get the reasonable prize that hard to find at another places. We only have to pay for 1385 Baht. I will not regret because of the delicious and tasty dish I get for my dinner.


For more, visitors can walk at the beach while watch the sunset and you should book a table on weekends especially during a major festivals. There is an air conditioned room for up to 25 persons, catering up to 70 people. The most convenient time to spare your time is from 5pm to 6:30pm and can extend 7pm to watch the sunset.

          This restaurant is located on Nopparat Thara clean and beautiful views overlooking the gorgeous beach. I think the view is make this place is very good to have seafood dish.

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