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Japanese Cuisine (Bangkok)

'Delicious Japanese Cuisine in Bangkok'
“This week I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Japanese Food in Bangkok, famous and it is the....”

Japanese Cuisine
by MaiSen.


Speaking of pork fritters recipe in Japan. There are many restaurants available to choose around here. About the restaurant to come out today, it is the most pleasant one in the menu of crispy fried his day.

"Wow" to the restaurant at Tonkatsu freshman. The raw material direct from Japan with the warmth of a mother who intend to cook for her children who love to eat. It is one of the most popular restaurant in Japan for a long time. This shop is on Silom Complex class B. Its open every day from 10.30am to 4pm. Easy access from BTS, MRT has just rolled nearby Nissan's Outlet and rose more jumble.

The Exciting Menu.

This includes salmon fish, tenderloin, pork loin, shrimp, black pork, frying eggs and rice. The Menu is just placed on the table. It looks very much tasty as we want to have it all.

          Employees will be served 'cattle Baji' appetizer before the main course. There got the easy ready dish line up on white plates include Hamburg pork, fried golden needle mushroom and pumpkin soup. It taste very delicious, juicy pork, sweet and sour sauce with some sweet smell of pumpkin soup served cold. It sweet and even better if a field is served with cabbage refillable.


The top menu, pork tenderloin Ta Bu Kuroki and crispy fried salmon that every customer like it very much. Food prices include both A la Carte and Set from the selected as preferred. Set in a cabbage soup, salad, rice and pickles are refillable fully saturated fat.

The favorite dish of this restaurant was calledunlimited’. According to Nanjing, pour a little of Saboten source (not green) over the salad to make it more delicious. This is better than sour, the salty-based salad Shoyu called Wee Kyat and mix it up together.

Comes then the meat dish with bread crumbs sauce together. The meat tenderloin with it is hidden in the pork meat and make the structure even soft. Try the taste of the muscles. Fried dough is very suitable to eat with Kurobuta pork tenderloin. There are a lot more dish you can find in this restaurant and all of the menu are very tasty.


Other than the menu above, they also have new menu of sweet Tonkatsu Cheese and the dish is awesome from Maisen. They impress the customer again with delicious and legendary Tonkatsu soft. 50 years ago, Japanese people fly to Aoyama, Tokyo to discover about this secret recipe until it opened a branch in Thailand. With this creative and delicious new menu, they manage to serve food continuously to the customers. This restaurant offer for new customer to take a sample for their cheese dish also such as ‘Zen Cheese Set’. Special menu ‘Cup Cheese’ is delicious and very rich in flavor. But this kind of food cannot be taken so frequently for the quality of our health. The cook was so perfect until become so delicious discrete and smooth. The menu served in hot and the choice of pork, chicken, shrimp and ingredient mix perfectly to produce awesome dish.

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