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Noodle Soup (Chiang Mai)

'Italian Food Sedap Di Chiang Mai'
“This week I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Noodle Soup in Chiang Mai, famous and it is the....”

Noodles Soup.
around Chiang Mai


Including 4 stalls and restaurants Teo's soup spilling machine.

In this guide, I wanted to appease the children line a little bit. Today we will introduce noodle soup. I must say it did not. There must be something spectacular to guests as well. At this time, the Chiang Mai Noodle Soup machine are springing up like mushrooms streaming. The band went to seek noodle soup is tasty and hard to offer as well.

Noodles topped Mr. Monk Ecclesiastes Class 13.

 It is the ordinary people do not remember a concept that conveys the identity of Noodle topper as well. For those who want to try a noodle shop topper. Having said that it may have a little patience. This is because a lot of people Noodles with a choice of several similar menus. But the biggest hit was a delicious menu and it is so inevitable.  The Noodles Toper for only 130 Baht, a spicy-sour noodle Creamy Burrows. And crowded with nine like New Zealand mussels, squid, shrimp, pork, eggs and more, all that is put into the big bowl. Called to cram every reproduction. Price promise quality value of the money to the customer of the restaurant "noodles topper". This restaurant is not so difficult to find. Siri Sukhumvit Road, Soi 13 Rajamangala Ecclesiastes few steps to go.

Located in the left. Mr. Monk class Ecclesiastes 13 Rd. Mr. Monk class Ecclesiastes (before the restaurant Cafe 'Der Nimman), Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai 50200.

Contact :    088-978-7996, 086-541-6646.

Open daily :    10:00am to 5:30pm.


Sweet Egg Noodle Soup at Flower Garden Gate.

A spicy, sour, sweet sometimes delicious food. It is not always possible in a beautiful restaurant provide delicious noodle soup with sweet egg. The road in front of the restaurant is good. The environment around the ‘Flower Garden Gate’ is another things I would say.  The menu featured a recommended if you like to generate energy before continue the evening activities here. Sweet egg noodle soup with squid for only 50 Baht per noodle soup, put in a big bowl filled with ground pork, boiled eggs and other side dishes. Or anyone who likes to eat shrimp I ordered Tom Yum Goong Sweet Egg Noodles for only 50 Baht. The hero will be featured in a bowl Prawn not grow much, but many are not. Pork chops with spicy Tom Yum soup, boiled eggs, etc., Kilkenny. Combine soup genuine Avant-garde Kyat profanities same bowl. This open evening to eat it Garden flower shop located before the gate left (next to the PP pork dip).


Located on Arak Road (located next to the hot pan & P.P. pork dipped in the meat next door garden flower) Sripoom, Muang, Chiang Mai 50200.

Contact :    089-431-4040

Open daily :   11:00am to 12:00am (mid night).

Chiang Mai Kitchen Mom.

 I love spicy sour like eating noodle soup, spicy. "Mother Mai Kitchen" restaurant will give you full access but in the operation is the best answer with the name that calls attraction. "Noodle soup, seafood and cheese" gently priced 59 Baht just to see what I did then was called to take profits come from that? Because he supplied the shrimp is shrimp, squid ink, with a plate of cheddar cheese to other toppings. It is for people who love the taste of cheese and spicy flavors of the spicy soup. This tells me that sadistic relish. Affordable shops "Mother Mai Kitchen" is in the top seven road projects iBuild - Chang Kian before Trump Condo.

Located at the top seven, Chang Kian. (Formerly Trump Condo seven), Chiang Mai University, Downtown, Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai 50300.

Contact :    095-594-7443

Open daily :   10:00am to 10:00pm.


Egg noodle soup coping.

Did anyone saw the Squid Bangalore Midtown Bowl restaurant? Posted a noodle soup with a big Japanese Signboard. The good news is about we will get a full bowl because we have a friend that is working in the restaurant. Our favorite is the "Egg noodle soup coping" this dish is well-known among the guests and have stayed at a big Japanese ink. Put in a bowl with the menu. You can get Special Sea set for only 90 Baht with tom yum noodle soup, spicy squid, big shrimp and lobster eggs. New Zealand mussels, crab meat, jam, eggs, two eggs and pork meatballs snappers come together in full. It's called Buicks Spicy and bold in a very good restaurant "egg noodle soup” with egg cup in a mortar Soi 2 (opposite the hotel Dhara Dhevi).

Located on Chiang Mai - Chiang (ring road Dhara Dhevi hotel. The shop is a small alley across from Wat Luang plus mortar) Tha Sala, Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai 50000.

Contact :    098-667-3827

Open daily :   10:00am to 4:00pm.



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