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Lontong Warisan Haji Salim (Parit Raja)

'Lontong Sedap di Parit Raja, Johor'
“This week, I will bring you to eating place of the most unique and special
Lontong in Johor, famous and it is the....”

by Lontong Warisan Haji Salim.

   Lontong becomes a Johorian favorite breakfast and it can also be computed concurrently as lunch if you are lazy to cook other meal. It is a comment dish among Johor people and can be found easily in the restaurant or stall around us. 

  In Johor and Singapore (maybe also in some regions in Indonesia), the main item is rice cooked in banana leaves shaped like a cylinder and boiled for a few hours until it becomes compact in the mold. And then eaten with gravy coconut soup called ‘lodeh’ as a complement. It becomes much more popular during ‘Eid Hari Raya days and the mold is made from coconut leaf.


   The other day my friend told me that in Singapore, they serve ‘lontong’ with ‘begedil’ (fried mash potato usually serve with ‘soto soup’) as one of the complementary materials other than boiled eggs, meat floss and stir-fry sauce or peanut sauce. Another thing is there different kind of version to cook ‘lode’ (coconut soup), there is ordinary simple style of cooking and also pan-fried the ingredient before the coconut milk (much better taste and delicious). For an extra taste, use live shrimp or dried shrimp in the pan-fried and will bring out a very nice aroma that can growth appetite. The recipe was simple and everyone can try it. You can find it a lot of lontong recipe in the web.


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For those who are nearby Parit Raja (Batu Pahat), there you can find a restaurant that serves the original recipe of ‘lontong’. The restaurant is easy to find because it is located near the main road (Kluang to Batu Pahat road) on your left side if you are travelling from Kluang. You will see ‘Medan Niaga Parit Raja’ building in front of Shell Petrol Pump Station (on the right). I present it to you ‘Lontong Warisan Haji Salim’.

What is special about this dish is the taste that is so original with all ingredient inside. Furthermore, you can choose a various type of side dish to mix/add with the ‘lontong’ make it so delicious. The side dish you can choose such as ‘sambal paru-paru’ (spicy lung condiment), ‘sambal udang’ (spicy shrimp condiment), ‘sambal sotong’ (spicy squid condiment) and more.

Address :   Medan Niaga Parit Raja,
                    86400 Parit Raja, Batu Pahat,
                    Johor, Malaysia.

Contact :    +6014 2766092.


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